Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mini Blossom Tutorial

OK ladies, be gentle with me! This is my first tutorial and I know that I missed a few things in the photos but I will try to explain this the best I can! You're gonna laugh when you see how easy these actually are and that they take under 2 minutes a piece from start to finish! You can see some of the finished blossoms in action while visiting this post.

These are some of the things that you need to make this little mini blossom.

- Boho Blossom Punch (Stampin' Up!)
- Aqua Painter or Paint Brush
- Re-Inker to match your Card Stock or a Classic Ink Pad
- 1 Brad
- Paper Piercing Tool and Mat Pack or 1/16" Hole Punch
- Card Stock or Designer Paper
- Sponge
- Scissors

These are the steps that you will follow :) You can click on any of the pictures to see giant sized close-ups!

1. Punch out the two smallest flower shapes on the punch (the larger of the two in green for your leaves and then you will need 2 off the smallest flower for your blossom.

2. Take your sponge and coordinating inks to sponge around the outside of your shapes to add some dimension and it cleans up the raw edges if you decide to use designer papers. Take your Aqua Painter and ink and just paint the center of the blossom to darken it (paint both blossoms)

3. Take your scissors and gently cut between each of the careful not to cut too far or your petals will fall off (I cut not quite to the center of the shape) - You only need to do this for the top layer of the blossom.

4. Start to stack your shapes. The green will be at the bottom, then the uncut blossom layer and top it off with the blossom that you cut ever so carefully *wink*

5. Punch a hole and insert your brad to hold everything together. Take your finger nail and pry up the edges of the top layer of blossom and Voila! You are done and everyone will think you are a genius! Especially because you took extra time to create these time consuming finicky little flowers *snort*

Clear as mud? If you need some more help trying to figure out my instructions, feel free to email me!

These little cuties are particularly great if you don't own any primas or don't like to use them. They also are a handy adornment for adding to die cut flourishes, pairing them up with Martha Stewart Punches (photo above) and expertly placing them to cover up creative boo boos *wink*

Before I end this post I would like to take a minute to wish my best friend a very Happy 30 something-ish Birthday (yes, I know how old she is and no, I'm not telling you - lol)! Happy Birthday Angela (jellybean74)!! Love you babe and have a fabulous day!

Shhhhh! Don't tell her that I posted this! We will soon find out if she really reads my ramblings or not - Muhahahahah! When she does see this she will probably kill me so I may or may not be around for future postings! *snort*

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Anonymous said...

Yes I read your blog... Check it out daily. You know I love your work!! If only I were half as good.

By the way - I noticed that you got rid of your body in the pic!!! I'm just wondering if I have any of you from your stag. Oh wait - I do!!! Hehehe....

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love ya!


Unknown said...

These are SO cute-- and I use every "trick of the trade" to creatively cover those boo-boo's! :) BTW - I “Kreativ Blogged” you today—Just wanted to let you know I {heart} your blog!

Ann said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Can't wait to try it. :D

Cassie said...

Those are beautiful. I have really been enjoying your blog. I follow only a couple of blogs. . .yours and my friends. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent :)

Jami said...

Fantastic tutorial Kim!! I really need to buy some more punches, I love these little flowers!!
hugs, Jami

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, Kim! I'm definitely going to try this! Thanks for sharing.

Kay's Creative Corner said...

These little flowers are so darn CUTE!!
Thanks for the Tutorial!!!

Julia Aston said...

What a beautiful flower! thanks for the super tutorial Kim - and I have this punch! so off I go to try these out!!

Cheryl said...

These are just adorable; thanks for the tutorial! I have visions of these on some placecards I need to make for a banquet in April . . .

My Stampin' Dreams said...

Love those flowers! Thank you so much for the tut!! BTW...what punch did you use to punch the leaves? I like that punch too!

maddy hill said...

thanks for the tutorial - those flowers are fabulous !

maddy UK

StampingJoan said...

Kim these are adorable! Making me want to go make em' now!

I wanted to be able to remember this to share with my club do you mind if I put in a word document and put your name on it?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful illustration. You put a whole new meaning in diecuts and paper punch!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful illustration. You put a whole new meaning in diecuts and paper punch!